Rent “Roxie”

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A new featured dog for this week, “Roxie”.  We have trained her to mimic human facial expressions, here you see her performing one of the most subtle of human interactions, the “I Know, and now you know that i know” wink. What a star. She is one of our hundreds of rescue dogs that FidoFlix now rents out, this one was rescued from a travelling circus, at which time in her career she learned to walk a tight rope and be shot out of a cannon. Now she enjoys evenings cuddling on the sofa and gazing out the window barking at absolutely anything. Seriously she doesn’t shut-up.


7 Comments on “Rent “Roxie””

  1. What a great idea – before I subscribe, can you let me know how i go about mailing the dog back? Im a little confused, does it come in a crate? who picks up the dog?

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