New Rental “Charlie”

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This weeks featured rental is “Charlie”. Loves watching TV – but sits wayyyyy too close. Charlie is one of our original dogs, we love his goofy smile and slobbery nose… Sure his eyes need a little work, but we aren’t all perfect. Charlie has an adorable Napoleon complex, keep him away from bigger dogs, however he loves cats – some of the other dogs here like to make fun of him for this but we applaud his progressiveness.



5 Comments on “New Rental “Charlie””

  1. Amazing, we rented this little guy for a soiree for my girlfriends and I. He was a big hit. Not quite small enough to put in a teacup like we had hoped. We sent him back and got a Dalmatian, and we are soon to mail him back and exchange for a Labradoodle. Thank you FidoFlix!

  2. We ordered this dog and when received he was dehydrated and sluggish. We took him to the VET who was extremely concerned when we explained about this website and how we obtained the dog. We are extremely disappointed to learn that this is probably not legal, and we feel upset and saddened that your flash marketing tricked us into subscribing. We will not be returning Charlie.

  3. Our legal team will contact you. Please stop reporting us, and return Charlie. We have 4 people who are on a wait list for him and you are causing us to lose subscribers.

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