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How do i send back my dog?

Pop it back in the supplied box, and take to your local post office. If asked, please always say the contents are “a sweater for my grandmother”

My Dog was D.O.A

Sorry to hear that. Please go here and print out a special label to ship the dog back to us for a replacement. Please remove any FidoFlix branding before mailing.

The dog you sent me is defective

Sometimes dogs, like humans, become defective. Please send back to us so we can reprogram. We will be sure to send the next dog on your watchlist.

Im concerned about the small print

Most of our terms and conditions are just the legal team trying to cover us. It should be fine… just pretend your installing itunes.

The dog i want is never available.

Some dogs are in short supply, we are working hard cloning and puppy-milling so delays should only be temporary. Meanwhile, have you tried a Labradoodle?

My dog wont go back in the box

Dogs canĀ  be tricky, try placing some kibbles in the bottom… or a cat if you have one handy.

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