Erwin Schrödinger Transport Box

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Our ground breaking “snorkel” Boxes safely transport the dogs around the world allowing fresh air to enter the box and bad smells and carbon dioxide to vent. We also used box transportation technology first experimented on by physicist Erwin Schrödinger, Erwins experiments focused mainly on the transportation of cats in boxes but we used his research and adapted it to make brand new technology.

We found 2 critical errors in Erwins experiments, He discovered when receiving his delivery of cats they were either :

  1. Dead
  2. Alive

He wondered at what point his pet became no more. After hours of wikipedia research we discovered his first critical error was he was transporting dangerous and life threatening lab supplies in the same box as his cat. We are not sure why Erwin decided radioactive isotopes needed to be delivered to the same location as his pet, but by simply packaging and shipping the isotope separate to the cat we found a marked improvement in the shipment success rate.

Our next major hurdle was to master the shipment of dogs. For every dog we ship we also ship a radioactive isotope to an undisclosed location. We also quickly learned that the cat sized boxes were not going to work. Next we punctured air holes in the boxes and labelled them “fragile”. With a 20% improvement in mortality rates we knew our business has potential. We hired box engineers from around the globe who came up with the “snorkel box” these supply fresh air, and the ability to feed and water the dogs while being shipped. We place a label on the box stating “Fragile, Please feed and water through my snorkel regularly”.

To ensure enjoyable delivery please always remember not use a blade to open. Always ensure correct orientation of the box prior to opening.

Remember a dogs NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS, its also for easter and every holiday inbetween

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