Dog Rental? Tell me more…

We offer premium dog rentals on a subscription basis. Once your done with your dog, mail it back and we will ship the next item on your list. No Minimum terms, Just a steady supply of dogs.

Who we are.

We are a group of entrepreneurs looking to bring something new to the market. We have hired 10 dog trainers, 3 warehouse workers and have a growing legal department.


Dog Obedience Guru




Head Lawyer



Come, Fido!

Training dogs is hard. We train unique and interesting personalities into each of our dogs. Some we train to be ferocious man eaters, others cuddly and cute. Whatever type of dog you like we have a personality being trained to fit.

Fido, Away!

This just isnt working out! Im trying a new dog, Im so glad we chose FidoFlix instead of regular dog ownership!

Pop the dog back in the box and wait a few days to try a new dog.

Fido, Stay!

I Love this dog!!! I want to keep him!!! Continue paying the subscription charge and the dog is yours to keep for as long as you want. We have clones of all our dogs, so just switch them out instead of pesky VET charges.

Fido, Sit.

Want a break? We do dog sitting, Send the dog back and we will store it in our warehouse until your ready for dog ownership once more. Just keep up your subscription Plan. Finally dogs without strings attached.

How we work.

1 Subscribe to one of our affordable plans. Add dogs to your shiplist in order of desirability. We will ship dogs in order of your wish list and availability. Simple.

2 We ship the dog, and you are free to keep it as long as you wish. Simply mail back once your done and we will ship the next dog. Rotate your dog out when you want a change, a break, or the dog needs to be returned for health reasons.

3 Sit back and wonder at how easy dog ownership has become. No Vet Bills, No Training, No Kennel Charges. Brilliant. Subscribe now.